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There are many reasons that we all garden. A desire to eat healthy, rejecting factory farmed and shipped produce for locally produced food, controlling the quality of what we are putting into our bodies, and supplementing our grocery budgets are but a few.

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It will be capable of turning out 2 million pounds of produce annually, eclipsing Colangelo’s farm when it opens this winter.The new farm will use 95 percent less water than a field farm, and …

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Fancy fruits and produce is a family business that started on February 2006, 8 years ago in a small location in Longwood. We are focused on providing the best and freshest produce at unbeatable prices. Read more…

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Each stalk can produce 1.1 to 1.4 kg (2.4 to 3.1 lb), although the commercial yield is about 900 g (2.0 lb) per stalk. Harvest season in temperate zones of the northern latitudes is September to March, making Brussels sprouts a traditional winter-stock vegetable.

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Unveiled Monday at the company’s Winter Garden office, the car is powered by the alternative transportation fuel of compressed natural gas (commonly referred to as CNG) in place of the traditional gasoline internal combustion engine in standard vehicles.

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If Shawn can produce more donuts in one day than Sue can produce in one day, then Shawn has an absolute advantage in the production of donuts. Use the table below to choose the correct answer.

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In this fall edition of Specialty Food Magazine, the Specialty Food Association presents the inspirational efforts of its 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award honorees, including pioneering the sale of specialty foods in foodservice and propelling Creole and Cajun cuisine into the international spotlight.

Wampanoag Tribe – Unit on Corn, Beans, and Squash

Corn, Beans and Squash are three of the main traditional crops for the Wampanoag. Our farmers planted the three crops together, rather than just plant one crop in one field the way that European farmers did. Corn would be planted first, then the beans. As the corn stalks grew, the beans grew up around them, using the stalks as poles.

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Even a 100 square foot garden, grown intensively, can produce a steady supply of salad greens for a family. Our backyard garden is 20′ x 25′ (500 sq. ft.), and this is an ideal size which provides a variety of vegetables for a family of four, with enough extra to share with neighbors.

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A raised garden bed of mustard greens thrives in the cold winter months in Marshall Hinsley's garden. Photo by Marshall Hinsley A rosette of bluebonnet leaves are early signs of spring's approach.

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    We value your privacy!Filling The Blank As Follows,Is The First Step,Which Could Make You Look Place Unique!

    We value your privacy!Filling The Blank As Follows,Is The First Step,Which Could Make You Look Place Unique!